Monday, April 19, 2010

Shock and Awww

My friend, back from Afghanistan
went on the town in style
he’d earned a night of R and R
for it had been a while

He chanced to meet a comely lass
who charmed this lonely vet
her model looks and floral smell
would soon cause him regret

For once the two had settled in
and started to caress
her frock revealed the secrets of
a prince, not a princess

Soldiers train for everything
from IEDs to fragging
but nothing he had ever learned
foretold this kind of shagging

~ J. D. Mackenzie

(inspired by Rallentanda's NaPoWriMo prompt #19, light bulb moments)


  1. Your mate should have watched 'Crocodile Dundee' the movie. There is a scene where Paul Hogan demonstrates how to sort out this potential problem.Aussie blokes don't like surprises!

  2. I remember well,
    "She's notta Sheila!"

  3. JDM,
    Big surprise there! Good post!

  4. Ha--I'm thinking of The Crying Game...which I believe was quite a bit more explicit. Well penned, JD.

  5. P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comments on my recent posts!

  6. A shock maybe but not as explosive as might have been. And she must have provided a welcome distraction!

  7. Don't let this happen to you!(again)...Nigel