Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Wench in Mourning

As you'll cast vote, take heed.
This Blue commit Violence upon No-one
save former Candidates then vanquished,
and even then mostly through Laughter.

The shards that remain of our Founder’s Charter
require thou shalt return home
to mismanage the ice, or schlepp salmonoids.
Confer as thou will in strongholds
as Orlando and Scottsdale, only to suffer
searing signs that proclaimeth
Beauty Fades, Lies Endure.

I'll not quit gazing your way,
nor the way of your fairer self Tina Fey.

Vile and vain! Too late thou shalt repent
and study civics. The base injustice
thou hast done my Nation by dumbing down:
Yes, thou shalt feel the harm,
spite of thy past Disgrace.
And all those Falsehoods which
thou so long hast bleat’d;
Dispatched by fact checkers and Truth.

Heav'n has no Rage, like a GOP Candidate cast down
Nor Hell a Fury, like an Alaskan Woman scorn'd.

~ J. D. Mackenzie

Shamelessly nicked from The Mourning Bride (1697) by William Congreve and further inspired by Marie Gauthier’s NaPoWriMo prompt #24, Find a Phrase)


  1. I like how you build your argument and take it to the pulpit. I also love the sibilance of the second verse, and anyone who can insert 'schlep' into a poem gets my vote.

  2. may be writing nice poems,but hey... I didn't like what you wrote in the 'about me' section.''sounds easy?You're mental''
    I wonder how people can refer to something like poetry writing as 'gruelling'...If poetry can't ease and elevate,then what can?Society is so damn adolescent.It pictures itself to be a donkey!It has the same old approach towards poetry that donkeys have towards labour...No matter what,people can't seem to get away from this nonsense,this retarded viewing of everything as labour..and even poetry!O my God!Then what's left?Go put your nose in a pastry forever.

  3. JDM,
    This is excellent! Oh how I detest that woman.

  4. JDM, loved this, so authentic a tone.

  5. Hey...JDM,don't get it wrong.I just love your poems...I can't just buy the thought of poetry as labour and a part of all those sticky things the rest of the world does

  6. Loved it! The flavor you created through the combined use of old English and your images was excellent. Your use of language in this poem is absolutely stunning! :)

  7. i'm always envious when people are able to get current events and politics in their poetry.

    congrats on still being in the fight, day 24!

  8. Love it!
    And the best irony... she wouldn't understand it, even with lessons! Too funny!

  9. Wow, JD. How you pulled this off like this is beyond me! Great work...and yea, I agre with Cathy that it's hysterical that this would be totally above HER head. (Ugh...she strikes such a raw note in all of us!)

  10. Fantastic. I'll bet if Sister Sarah were to read this, she would be flattered. Ha!

  11. I bet she can see this poem from her kitchen window. Poor, moronic lady.