Saturday, April 17, 2010


Like that
she erupts
out of the blue

Like what?
I ask

We’re walking
on the 4th of July
holding hands
fireworks light up the sky

Like that
she lifts her gaze
up there, that one
way up high
with the pink part halfway down

I love the explosions
lots of cracking and popping
all the colors run together
nothing else matters

I don’t always listen
and I’m missing a clue
I could use a little help
what’s she talking about?

Her look of frustration
melts into affection
then she gently reminds
You asked what it’s like

So now I recall
when I asked her about
how it feels for her
what the French call
the little death

What’s it like?
She points to the sky
at the rockets’ red glare
takes a deep breath
and smiles again

It's like that

~ J. D. Mackenzie

(inspired by Neil Reid's NaPoWriMo promt #17 from among the elements of fire, earth, water and wind)


  1. JDM,
    Just like an orgasm. Nice one! Woo!

  2. nice picture...a picture of simple happy movement....quite good

  3. Thanks Pamela and TFL, both quite accurate. It was nice to have one's curiousity satisfied as it were and to have one of those moments when the genders really understand one another. The communication was simple and happy. Were is always so!