Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering Our Code

We had a deal, you and I
as kids we took an oath
The enemy of my friend is my enemy
always there for each other

We survived the sixties
raised by distracted mothers and TV
Walter and Nixon and Bradys
the clothes we’d sooner forget

When we got older and you got boobs
somehow I didn’t but learned
to like boobs other than yours
and still we remembered our promise

The occasional glance across the room
reminded us we’d look out for each other
through your clumsy boyfriends and my coarse girlfriends
we had a deal

I wondered what happened when you heard the code
the dark hamster soars on the turbulent wind
wondered where you were when I needed you
didn’t we have a deal?

Then I learned too late
you were going through your own private hell
a hell you thought too big to sound the code
to call on your old friend for help

Though now
everyone wishes you would have
sister friend

~ J. D. Mackenzie

(inspired by NaPoWriMo prompt #12 Secret Codes)


  1. Oy. Very powerful. especially liked the through-the-years feel. I have no realtionships like this; envy them.

  2. Really enjoyed this...and can relate about growing up at that time and having a friend, of the opposite sex, that I was that close to. You wrote this so well!!

  3. Powerful poem! I've never had a life long friend of the opposite sex... what a unique bond that would be. I grew up in the 60's, too.

  4. this is a great approach to the prompt, and it really has me thinking about how the survival skills we have as kids could help us as adults. what happens?

    thank you!

  5. a trophy of remembrance... thank you for writing this... take off

  6. Your poem inspired me to also write about childhood friendship--it's very different from yours, but I want to acknowledge/thank you and your poem for inspiring me with this idea.

  7. Nostalgic, sad, and powerful. I love the way the title invokes the prompt and is so perfect for this piece.

  8. This was really heart wrenching JDM.

  9. Ugh...can't believe in acknowledging you earlier, I referred to you as a female. It's pretty damn obvious...but, I was no longer looking at your poem...just thinking about the jist of it. Ok...that's it! Sorry about that.