Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Reason to Cry

With puffy eyes and tear streaked cheeks
she turns to me and says
Every time I watch that movie
it gives me a new reason to cry

It could have been Ghost or the Laramie Project
Old Yeller or Rent
Life is Beautiful
Love Story
Gone with the Wind

I love this side of her
a sentimental contrast
to the armor and the persona
our day jobs require

Tonight it was Mimi and Angel
there’s only us, there’s only now

She’s right
they’re right
there is no day like today

~ J. D. Mackenzie

(inspired by Joseph Harker’s NaPoWriMo prompt #25, First Things First)


  1. Great, and you're right, such a variety today. I will be bereft when it ends in 5 days.

  2. Oh the armor and the persona required for life outside the front door...just a jungle out there..there is a lot to recommend the reclusive life.

  3. JDM,
    You are absolutely correct. Good one!

  4. I think this may just be my all time favorite... "there's only us, there's only now" "there is no day like today"

    These simple words should be our daily mantra. Thanks so much for the gift!

  5. Liked this JD! You captured so much(the contrast between what we do, how we feel, what we have) in a few simply worded stanzas.

  6. I can relate-- those are some powerful movies. Well done!

  7. A good philosophy to adopt and nicely penned from the prompt.

  8. Pole Cat is dangerous..Cruel man. He wont stop. Having too much fun. I will leave those woods. He's not as smart as he thinks.Wasn't fooled for a second.Delete all my comments

  9. OK Now I know. This is a set up. Comments still here.Had a feeling. Hope it was fun.

  10. What a day! massacred...Thanks
    Did you enjoy that?