Sunday, April 3, 2011

Without This Me - 2011 Poem-A-Day #3

A world without this me might welcome a that me
a substitute version accepted by all

His rigorous workouts and modeling tight briefs
would conjure up images slender and tall

Talent with numbers might make him a banker
if coupled with ethics you’d welcome his kind

If he could pass the bar you’d want to have his card
when you were injured or some other bind

Were he a diplomat, strong and courageous
he’d build a world that’s more kind and diverse

If he had gotten some classical training
he’d be more likely to write better verse

For all the conjecture, I’d rather not think about
untimely leaving or false warning signs

A world without this me would go on revolving
the same as for anyone reading these lines


  1. JD, you should post this over at writer's island, so people may read your words. Excellent poem.


  2. What a fun take on this prompt. I love where your creativity took you. You have me thinking of how to think "what if I had been someone else." :)

  3. Surely you are not trying to tell me you are an underpants model!I don't believe you.