Monday, April 11, 2011

My Favorite Runner

Injury forces me to watch instead of run
so I get to cheer two thousand fortunates
suffer without me

When I’m out there myself
mind games help me forget the pain
today they’re helping me endure
the pain of envy

Today’s game:
spot my favorite runner
and forgive this but
there are lots of people in the running

I like the new mother of twins
pushing the jogging stroller
as she trains for the Mommy Olympics

There’s the curvy island girl
who’s bouncing a lot
but she’s got her iTunes working
and she’s bouncing out of joy

One guy is covered with braces and scars
and his pain is written all over his face
but he deserves at least one medal for showing up
and another for finishing

My favorite runner isn’t any one runner
it’s the group of older girlfriends
giddy with endorphins and friendship

I know nothing about them beyond their hats
which tell me everything I need to know
Fuck Cancer
and it may be one of them or all of them
who’s won that particular race
but either way it’s the kind of candor
that steals your breath away


  1. Well all these metaphors are impressively clever and certainly gave me a good giggle.I'm still trying to work out the curvy island girl.
    I agree with you about the hats...yours
    tells me everything. I think I enjoyed this more than anything else you have written.

  2. Thank you - this was one of those times when the entire premise was being there and watching. I knew nothing of this group until they got close enough to read their hats, and that triggered a list of responses: humor, respect, gratitude for their example & courage. I do need to get out more often if this is the kind of result it produces.