Friday, April 22, 2011

Dream of the One Place

Based on a Poetic Asides prompt, one unique person, place or thing.

There’s this one place
first visited in a dream
where I can create what
I’ve been put here to create

Inspired by Elysium
it’s backed by the green peaks of Cascadia
plied by clean, flowing waters
swollen with urgent salmonidae
perched on a gentle slope
linking the new world and the old

The homesite well-built
with Walden-like basics
room for drama-free travelers
and filled with monastic quiet

My creative space has bookshelves rivaling Trinity
reams of receptive paper and infinite inkpots
one chair that makes me more clever
smells of leather and lemon oil
maps that don’t change every year

One point
one foci
one place

As the one who joined me
at the headwaters of this magical journey
step now into my dream
help me draw the maps and charts to land us there
to find our one place
where all of this becomes real

1 comment:

  1. A very nice house... see this in Catkin county. I hope you realise your dream
    .Take a chance.
    B Hyacinth