Friday, April 15, 2011

About Me

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Poet, singer/songwriter, lover, mother.
I’m intrigued by the creative process
especially lyrical poetry and erotica
but I suck at keeping track of what I’ve written.
Hobbies are swimming, learning foreign languages
and pissing off the radical right.
Love other people regardless of plumbing
or national origin.
I travel often between Sicily and Lesbos.
Don’t have a website but learning to tweet.

This is a profile poem describing one of the most famous classical poets from ancient Greece, after a prompt from Poetic Asides. Wonder if Sappho were here today, we might see something like this on her blog?


  1. Ha ha ha! I love this, JD. Apropos for our times.


  2. Some poems are work, some are fun, can you guess which this was? I have a belief that we can learn a lot from our predecessors and suspect that if they were here now, they could learn a lot from us as well. Watching your stuff, and though I'm strapped for time these days and not always able to post comments, liking what I see!

  3. Hi J. D. I tried to post a comment earlier, but maybe I deleted it? Thanks for visiting - I did a double take when I arrived on your blog, Sappho I thought, looked at the pictures, looked at Defending a Welsh Castle, wondered some more and maybe I'm still wondering, but I liked the profile poem loads. Funny and witty and makes Sappho live! Great stuff :) Joanna