Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Warm For Her Form

So, it's April and that means National Poetry Month. Last year I penned a poem a day and the habit stuck, but the place I posted to is no longer. No problem, I found an interesting and talented community at Poetic Asides, and this will be my home away from home for this month.

Don’t chase after Sestina
she’s quite demanding
and you’ll never satisfy her

That Sonnet has a romantic streak
but don’t you see
she’s snooty and pretentious?

Ghazal comes from a good family
and she’s kind
but simple

You should spend some time
with the Tanka girl
she could make you very happy

In my culture
we’re taught to heed the advice
of Grandmothers and Aunties

But even so
I find myself mentally undressing

Inspired by 2011 Poem-A-Day Challenge Day 6 "Don't (blank), (blank)"


  1. This was one of my absolute favorite poems for the Day 6 prompt! :)