Saturday, January 1, 2011

How My Year Began

My year began with water
gentle mists soaking green tufts of moss
rising streams taunt but never threaten
clouds who say because I can
birthing small agnostic rainbows

My year got better with a visit
from the fat squirrel couple
still pretending that they’re dating
she still laughs at all his jokes

Had I read the news
it might’ve caused a dismal start
so I set aside the papers
longed for news inspired by dreams

We’re asked to pause this day
feel the pull of our reflections
not the kind that killed Narcissus
but the kind that give us hope

Could this be the one day
when I cast away chimera?
Start the year by understanding
I’ve more power than I know


  1. I love the last stanza of this piece JDM.
    A happy New Year to you.

  2. Yep,I reckon!Loved this,especially about the reflection that killed Narcissus (grin)and your
    slow progression in enlightenment from lapsed atheist to an agnostic rainbow (another grin)
    I hope you keep writing these..tis always a pleasure to visit you and your quiet wry humour. Happy New Year.

  3. Rall, I need a little direction and who better to ask than my favorite ascended master from down under? Presently I'm not writing with or for any linked community and after doing NaPoWriMo and POW last year, I found them both enjoyable and constructive. Care to tell me where to go? I value your opinion...

  4. It is very sweet of you to consider my opinion valuable but you must take into consideration that at the moment I am probably the most unpopular poet in the blogosphere. Having said that I think it is very important for you to join sites as it showcases your fine work.
    To show my magnaminity I am going to recommend
    some sites that I have been banished from.As you are male you shouldn't have a problem with the horror hags, and to be fair some of them are quite literate and excel in the trajectory of their hurled missives (even an alone grain of sand can feel the velocity of their stones:)
    I would try them all

    1. Big Tent Poetry
    2. We Write Poems
    3.Sunday Scribblings
    4. Three Word Wednesday
    5.Carry On Tuesday
    6. Thursday Meme

    PS. None of them is as good as POW was and if I can get you, Francis, Derrick,Stan,Footsie,
    Peter, Marianne,Jinksy and Hedgewitch to join I may consider resurrecting POW.
    Cheers BBD