Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All I Know

I endured underwater
for a hundred million years
under a shimmering inland sea
then tectonic might enough
to birth sapphires and raise high peaks

My leonine people grew strong
repelling plagues of criss-crossing crusaders
Darius and Alex
Ghaznavids, Mongols
Timurids, Persians
all learned how every foot of ground
is like a well of steel

I’ve endured the most recent lot
Brits, Pakistanis, Russians, Talibs
and Americans with their idols
porn, iPods, fast food, drones
and have to wonder
don't their leaders learn?

So as you look ahead to leaving
and there is no doubt you’re leaving
just remember
endurance is all I know

[Inspired by Poetry on Wednesday prompt #16, Endurance. I missed you all and look forward to resuming relations with this esteemed group.]

1 comment:

  1. Afghanistan has really had a rought trot historically .Poland is another one !Being in the wrong geographical spot (so to speak )has its drawbacks.Interesting interpretation of the prompt.I am predicting a more feisty political approach to things from Bad Boy Douglas, this year! Good to see you here.