Sunday, February 20, 2011

Writer's Road Trip

Just returned from the South Coast Writers Conference in Gold Beach, Oregon. Met lots of memorable writers and characters, and came away with two notepads filled with ideas and possibilities. One of the highlights: meeting Naseem Rakha, author of The Crying Tree, and discussing the ways she makes her readers swoon. The pen (and word processor) are well rested and ready to resume...

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  1. Oh it's all spring and poetry. April is such a wicked month.I love it. You have lost your followers section and so have I . If you ever work out how to get it back,perhaps you could tell me how you did it.I'm hopeless at all this technical stuff.

    I have been enjoying your poems. I think some of them could be classified as swoon spectaculars:)I have put on a prompt this week for Easter but as it is religious prompt I'm not expecting that you will want to take part in this one. Just popping in to say hello.
    Sorry can't stay for tea and scones. Maybe next time