Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Failed Entombments

There’s a grim finality
to having your body
lowered into the ground
but failed entombments
happen sometimes
and when they do
they make for high drama

When the Chilean miners
facing depths of their own despair
defied death and rose
from their underworld graves
we found ourselves cheering
for their girlfriends and wives

and when Yeshua Ben Yosef
rolled the stone away
from his pre-ordained crypt
it gave us the plot twist
all new faiths require

Nothing says surprise finish
quite like reversing a death
we thought was foregone
when we feel the power
of that first grateful breath
and accept the odd gift
of a rare second chance

inspired by POW Prompt 21 with the full knowledge that this one will be all over the map.

1 comment:

  1. Oh , high drama indeed! A powerful, thought provoking and interesting poem.Plot twists and new faith eh.Well I suppose in the scheme of things Christianity could be classified as a new religion.The way you have presented the resurrection is masterful.The corner stone of Christianity is a subject of endless debate and one which on a personal level I find fascinating because if the resurrection is not true then Christianity as a theological concept completely collapses.
    The last stanza is very pertinent at the moment with the entombment of victims in Christchurch.I have just heard on the news that a lot of trapped victims wont be saved because it is too dangerous for the rescuers to enter the buildings.Life is so tenuous Black Douglas.Enjoy! Thank you for this poem.

    I am going to now research Naseem Rakha.