Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Right Here in Tuscany

We staggered through the final days
of our exhausting year
Your blue eyes told me everything:
just get me out of here

With carry-on and tickets
it’s sure nice we both pack light
We snuggled up with Ambien
for our twelve hour flight

I’d found a bello Tuscan villa
half a world away
Close enough to town for us
to shop there every day

I don’t worry much about
the words that I don’t know
Everyone can understand me
when I order Dolcetto

They don’t have a phrasebook for a pair like you and me
Maybe we should write our own right here in Tuscany

The locals have a way with words
that charms us every time
Botti piccine il vino buono means
small barrels hold good wine

But all I really want to do
is shed our clothes out by the pool
and slowly, gently carry you
the way we always used to do
remembering why I married you
I hope you feel the same way too

They don’t have a phrasebook for a pair like you and me
Maybe we should write our own right here in Tuscany

There’s no internet to translate what you mean to me
so let’s create our own new language, here in Tuscany
right here in Tuscany

~ J. D. Mackenzie

[Based on the following prompt from Rallentanda: This week's prompt is Italian. The aim is to use a sprinkling of Italian words in your poem.]


  1. Delightful poem with a smidgin of Italian.I like the idea of inventing your own phrase book.
    You should put this romantic song to music and post it on youtube!

    You might want to repost because you posted your poem in the wrong section.It should be in the section where I have written my poem.

  2. Lovely, romantic memories.
    Who needs a phrasebook anyway?

  3. Very, very enjoyable; rhythmic, rhyming, but far from simple! I'm glad I read that on this chill grey morning in Northern France.

  4. A gentle memory of a gentle time. I particularly liked the stanza beginning "But all I really want to do" and your phrasebook refrain. Tuscan sunshine indeed.

  5. JD this is a beautiful romantic poem!

  6. aw, now. that is nice.

    I like the "pool" verse. the you/do repetitions are playful, but intensify.

    a fun, sweet piece

  7. Hi JD, this is a lovely poem. I like your poetry a lot!
    Marinela x

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