Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Botti & Lucia Heat Up Emmanuel

It’s time we left our work and went to play
We’ve been at it for hours, I know you’re tired
The days don’t get much longer than today

There’s nothing like the solstice to inspire
So pack your gear and get your second wind
Let’s head out to the beach and build a fire

All our friends are here so let’s begin
To barbeque and let the Fosters flow
We’ll do a little sailing if there’s wind

The stunning sunset makes your soft hair glow
Let’s shake things up as we dismiss daylight
When stars come out the music starts to slow

Botti’s horn was made for summer twilight
Everything I love is here tonight

~ J. D. Mackenzie

[Poetry on Wednesday Week 8 Prompt: Choose a piece of music that expresses Twilight in Summer. Make sure it is on You Tube so that we can listen to it while reading your poem. In Terza Rima Sonnet form, please.]



  1. A barbie and Fosters - no solstice should pass without them.

  2. Going to play sounds like a good idea.

  3. Love this poem JDM. It's so perfect, written with so much ease.

  4. Well you did it..A terza rima sonnet in correct form..you are now a fully fledged sonneteer!Will research Chris Botti.
    We both mentioned beer in our sonnets!Hidden meaning in there somewhere!

  5. I enjoyed the music JD! Didn't know Mr Botti and probably wouldn't have listened otherwise. I like the trumpet when it's mellow - just as your poem is!

  6. That deep sigh you just heard was me ... what perfect contentment you have created with this lovely piece!

  7. Neglected to mention your choice of music was spectacular!

  8. I like your kind of party - may I come next time?
    and I also like your Terza Rima, very, very much.

  9. JD fantastic work and the music perfect for the piece!

  10. My kind of summer! Crack open a tall one, and let the music wail, do some dancing under the stars. Oh yeah...

  11. Very well worded, and perfectly formed.
    'When stars come out the music starts to slow' Wonderful!

  12. Nice day you gave us. Love the horn.

    "dismiss the daylight" I like that

  13. Well Chris Botti played here last week at the Basement.He is stupendously talented. Finally got around to viewing Lucia and Botti on youtube..put it up this week..fabulous..Thanks!

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