Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dating In Wonderland

Alice, Allison
Elise, Elysium
Champs d’Elysees

As her mind melted
so did the names
of everything around her
including her now-separate self

The evening began simply enough
her date, a cute Polo model with blonde stubble
and she with new blue eye shadow
that matched her dress

After the appetizer course
the Ecstasy (his idea) kicked in
their table got rubbery
her throat tasted metallic

Note to self:
no more sashimi or Vitamin X
on an empty stomach

When Polo guy morphed into a rabbit
(and not a nice one)
he still had cute whiskers
but his tanned ears grew white and long
and he affected this nervous custom
of burrowing her
under the table

Already stressed about
her parents and career
this was a bit much

It saddened Alice
that her life had come to this
a litany of less than stellar choices
fueled by a bad batch of Bliss
culminating in a dreadful date with a lugubrious hare
whose fondness for cruel titillation
was rather queer, indeed

And if that weren’t enough
there was no lemon for her tea

~ J. D. Mackenzie

[Inspired by Rallentanda's Poetry On Wednesday prompt #4 from the Charles Blackman painting Feet Beneath the Table]


  1. alas, poor alis, no lemon for her tea.
    Polo model, that's a twist. Nice that he keeps his whiskers.

  2. Dating in Wonderland is a fun peek into a spectacular bad dream with lots of amusing little details like "lugubrious hare." Very clever indeed!

  3. Great take on the prompt, JD. Pity about the "bad batch of Bliss" and no lemon!

  4. I am thrilled with this absolutely hilarious response.Clever, witty and some great lines.
    Thankyou for this.However small correction..
    It is Charles Blackman. Normally I wouldn't bother but he is still alive and lives in a suburb near me!I have you in mind for the prompt next week bad Black Douglas Boy.

  5. Well done! I particularly like the name play in the first stanza and, from the penultimate,

    culminating in a dreadful date with a lugubrious hare
    whose fondness for cruel titillation
    was rather queer, indeed

    Indeed. It should sadden our heroine. Great lines.

  6. Oh how I like this! Really rather naughty, and very subtle in places.

  7. Love the feast of images you conjour up for this delightful tea party!

  8. Rall, thanks sooo much for the observation now corrected (and apologies to the talented artist Mr. Blackman if he's sneaking looks at poetry blogs) Please go easy with any prompt based on knowing me as that would be a first time...

  9. Love this JDM and the opening is superb.

  10. So that's what happens when you put milk in Earl Grey...
    Great post!

  11. A tremendously entertaining read. Lots of great details, including the table's rubbery legs and the date's metamorphosis.