Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sorting and Pitching

Something about this time of the year, I'm going through piles of old stuff and pitching what I don't want or need. It's easy with material things. If you doubt that, you haven't any clothes left from the 80s.

With writing it's different. I can store five years of work on a $4 jump drive. Just don't ask me to find anything quickly.

I did manage to find the outline for a workshop I led last May on the Poetry of Protest. It was a lot of fun, great turnout, and forced me to gather together some examples from my own work:

- Artist of Discarded Instruments (returning veterans)
- What Do You Fear? (Bush White House rejection of poets)
- Julia, Who Can Speak Now (Sudanese refugees)
- Trudy, From Cameron Parish (British Petroleum Oil Spill)

Protest is hard work and I'm tired. Starting to think about more uplifting topics like love and redemption. What are you writing about? Inspire me. You know how.


  1. I was writing about love and damnation but I think I'll slip into something more bland and write about geraniums and cuckoo clocks:)

  2. Before you switch to the bland, check out A Dangerous Method, which contains a little of love and damnation both. Wonder what the good doctors would say about dreams with flowers and clocks...

  3. "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

    Time for you to write some extremely wholesome sonnets.