Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adieu, December

Are we finished yet? Seriously, I can't be happier that this year and this month are coming to a well-deserved end. Too many highlights to count (people, places and a Pushcart nomination) and a few speed bumps (correction: collisions) to remind us we're mortal (seriously, we already knew and didn't need any reminders). The only thing left to do is bid adieu and move forward. Read on...

Even in a good year this is an insane month
cursed by short days
tall expectations
and scenic views of redemption

First was the hate crime that lit up cable news
followed by marches and vigils
long talks about recovery
the grueling work of social justice

Then reminders of how shopping postponed is shopping hell
once behind you can never catch up
still I clung to my double standard
I reserve the right to play Santa for others
as for me, to quote Elmo:
all I want for Christmas is you

Just before we donned our almost gay apparel
there were no twelve days of Christmas
for us lapsed pagans

Only one long day in the ER
five more in acute care
six more in a tenaciously joyful rehab center
Christmas dinner on paper plates
and the greatest gift ever

I’ve never known a December like this
and wish to never see one like it

As much as I’ve enjoyed the joys of 2010
there is no hesitation in bidding adieu, December
until we meet again

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  1. Congratulations on your pushcart nomination.
    Sorry you have'nt enjoyed December. It's summer here (poor buggers up north are in flood) but we have been spared for the last month and Ive spent it at the beach on hols.Maybe a lapsed pagan needs perking up with a dose of POW poetry prompts. Watcha reckon? Happy New Year to ya Bad Boy Douglas!